Sunday, June 21, 2009

Final UT Environment

Barack Obama's Office

The design for Barack Obama's Office is very enclosed for being in his status, he needs to be protected at all times and the discussions that occur within his office need top be protected from the wider community. Also there are a number of levels before Obama's table is reached, this suggests the level of hierarchy between the President and his staff.

Miuccia Prada's office

The Design Miuccia Prada's office is spacious and welcomes the outside into the workspace. Prada likes the workspace to have be part of the outside so that employees do not feel they are not in a typical office environment and also, so that they staff can be inspired by the outside world. Therefore, i designed an outside courtyard for Prada and the staff to interact their ideas and with clients in fresh air. Also, Prada's office has a runway for when new designs need to be shown to Miuccia Prada, staff and buyers.

The Meeting Room

Final UT environment - Filefront Upload

Filefront was not working, so i put it on rapidshare

Meeting Rooom Table

The table I designed is to portray a struggle of power between clients. In the top view of the table, it suggests the ideas being suggested by the clients are being 'pulled' wither ways therefore, a struggle in power. But there is still a part of the table in the middle that is connected shows that there are still ideas by the powerful clients that they come to agree on. This is also suggested by the tables being giving the perception that the table can slide back together meaning a join of powers.

Miuccia Prada's Elevator

First Design

This first design that i had created for Prada was inspired by the brands clothing line where it is high fashion and elegant and contemporary. With this in mind i wanted to create an elevator that had style, elegancy, modern and an organic aspect to it. Therefore, I used glass to give it the contemporary aspect and the texture i chose to use is very organic.

Second Design

With the second elevator I designed for Prada, i had come to an understanding the fashion work is such a fast pace industry. With styles being updated continually and even the fast moving pace of a fashion show. Thus, I created this second design for Prada that is more open and not as enclosed as the first design. With it being an open plan the client and people working for Prada can easily access the elevator while working in a distinctly fast industry.

Barack Obama Elevator

The Design I have chosen for President Barack Obama's elevator is one that is bold and strong. The shape is large straight angles to portray a strong strength of power as it comes with his status. It is a quite large elevator for the president would always have a large entourage with him at all times for different purposes. Therefore, they can all exchange information while travelling.

Thursday, June 18, 2009